Regulatory Compliance

Legislations are laws enacted to guide organizations implement and comply with specific requirements. Workplace legislations consists of laws that focus on different requirements that employers must implement and adhere to as a mandate. These laws are necessary to guide the operations of the workplace and the regulation of relationships between employers and workers.

Health and safety program is entrenched in multiple requirements contained in health and safety legislation that are applicable the workplace. Our team of consultants are conversant with how to interpret applicable legislations and reference standards in legislation to ensure that the creation and implementation of a health and safety program complies with regulatory requirements.

We conduct an evaluation of health and safety programs through an audit which is important to ensure legislative compliance. SHEM is well versed in audit processes and health and safety management standards. We can liaise with regulatory and enforcement organizations to ensure legislative requirements or concerns are achieved and work with other professional experts to ensure other relevant inspections and certifications are attained.